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Beautiful, congruent visual presence – for you?

Your brand is a strategic opportunity to express what your business is all about in a beautiful, engaging way. And, that if you’re looking to grow your business in a particular direction, your brand can build a bridge from where you are now to where you want to go.

Partnering with entrepreneurs is one of the things I love. Being part of their team as they evolve their brand and take their look to the next level. They’ve typically been in business for some time – or they’re beginning their journey with their second business. In short, they’re established and successful, and looking to get more so.

My clients all offer something unique and different and are interested in designs that are crafted specifically to match and communicate that uniqueness in a physically beautiful and emotionally moving way.

Want to work together?

Thank you & welcome! I really appreciate your inquiry and interest. Here are a few things I’d like to share:

Creative Range

Full and complete brand design services is what you’ll find here. That means that whether you need a logo, print pieces, stationery, a website or other online designs, large-scale event graphics, a book cover or any other kind of design, I can help. I’ve been working as a logo, print and web designer for 11 years now and whatever you need, there’s an incredibly good chance that I’ve got experience in that area.

I  work with clients who want custom design. There are no templates or cookie-cutters around here. I learn about your business and handcraft a gorgeous design that’s tuned to you and your business. My prices reflect the individual quality of the work.

Strategic Design

I believe that all small-business designs need to be strategically-based. What I mean by that is that in order to create a well-informed design, that’s effective and works for your business model and for your clients, we first have to look at your business strategy and create a plan for your brand that serves you and helps you reach your goals and create the business that you want. I can help you examine and refine your strategy and see if the marketing approaches that you’re taking are a good fit for your brand’s personality, and to make sure that everything you’re doing is congruent and cohesive.

If you’re uncomfortable with your designer knowing about your business plans, where you plan to go next, what you’re launching in six months, etc. then I am not the designer for you.

The Process

After you contact me about your project, I’ll get in touch with you to clarify questions or make any suggestions. Then I’ll send you a proposal in writing. When you’re ready to get started, the process looks like this:

In this phase, I get to dig into what your business is all about. I’m interested in your goals and objectives, your company’s capabilities and personality, and who your target audience is and how you want them to feel when they’re working with you. I’ll do a bit of research on your industry and check out what your competitors are doing. If you already have an established brand and marketing materials, I’ll review them to see where you’ve been and how to extend it. All of this info combines together to become kindling for your new project and to spark ideas.

Initial Design
This is where I translate everything I’ve discovered about your business into images that show & tell what you’re up to in the world. You’ll get to see several interpretations of what your business could look like.

From among the concepts presented, you’ll choose your favorite idea to focus on. Then we’ll work on polishing and refining it until it’s “just right”.

Final Production
When you’ve approved the design, I’ll tie the whole project up in a bow. You’ll get a complete set of final artwork files delivered directly to you and/or your print or web vendor. If needed, I’ll contact printers for quotes and manage the printing process for you, and if you’re having your site coded by someone else I’ll meet with them or review their interpretation of the design and make sure that everything’s amazing.

If you have a design project in mind, let me know and I’ll be happy to give you a quote.


Because every client’s needs are different and types of projects vary wildly depending on their business state and strategy, I’ll need more details before quoting a price to you. Most projects are between $1,000 to $5,000. Logos for small businesses start at $1,500. Custom website designs start at $2,500. Retainers and ongoing brand management are also available for ongoing business transformations.

If you’re undertaking a big brand evolution – where you’re expanding your company – and you’d like to roll the new designs out over a period of time, we can do that together on a retainer basis. Retainers are also a great choice if you need smaller, constant changes or upgrades to your brand.

Retainers range in scope based on the transformation you’d like to undertake in your brand. For smaller, constant changes they begin at $500/ month. Larger projects can range from $1000 – $2000/month and depend on how much design we’re going to do.

Brand Management
If you’re ready to hand your brand over to a pro to design, develop, strategize and manage over time, then I can help. I’ve worked with some big names over long periods of time to make sure that their brand stays consistently beautiful and on-strategy.

If this sort of approach sounds good to you, and you're looking for a partner to build your brand, contact me.