In Their Own Words...

BrandStyle Design’s Erin Ferree is one of my favourite business investments, and one I joyfully make every month on an ongoing basis.

What I get is the whole enchilada including multiple designs each month with a focus on the end goal, to reach, convert and retain our perfect client. In addition to an upleveling of income through her work, she also makes it possible for us to lead with design when planning new income streams, a central value of ours.  All of this is done with ‘expectations plus’ service. Thank you, Erin, so much, for the gifts of beauty, peace of mind, relief, wonder and expanded capacity for success!”

Andrea J. Lee, Wealthy Thought Leader

Want a visual presence that represents your business essence, that attracts your ideal clients and sets you apart distinctly from the crowd?

Hire Erin Ferree and Brand Style Design. Erin has been an integral part of my business,designing my website, gift, book promotion landing pages, business cards, newsletters, flyers, and postcards. When my book went into the Emmy gift bags this year she is the only one I trusted to do a special offer design postcard. Erin gets it, I don’t have to tell her what to do or even start her creativity with a suggestion. She knows me, my brand, my client and gets it right every time. My life is busy, I don’t need to spend it supervising my business partners, with Erin you don’t have to waste time or money not getting what you want.  You don’t want to miss out.

Debora McLaughlin, The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group,

She has a unique eye for capturing the exact essence of your brand and translating it into a real world image that accurately conveys the right message plus attracts clients that are an ideal match. 

“I wanted a sleek and sophisticated look for my brand and logo that represents my business in a way that not only feels authentic but is easily recognizable by my niche market, which is exactly what I got with Erin.  I found it easy, fun and exciting to be part of the creative process with Erin and continue to look to her for new ways to keep my brand consistent and noticeable.  Her experience and ingenuity are invaluable to me as a business owner and I’m truly grateful to have her working with me as my business continues to change, grow and evolve!”

Angela Minelli

You are adorable and awesome to work with on every possible level and you KNOW YOUR STUFF.

You go waaaaaaaay beyond creating a “design”. You are thinking about ME, who I am, how to reflect the essence of me at the core of  my being. It’s as if you reach into my soul and created a brand that  reflects that and my mission and message in the world…not only online, but  energetically as well. And the branding is more than just a logo…it in and  of itself expresses my message. I LOVE my Guidance on Demand logo and the feeeeeeel of my  brand.

Eva Gregory, Guidance on Demand

I ALWAYS look forward to getting things from you, Erin. Your work is always beautiful and fun and vibrant – just how I want my biz to be perceived. Thank you, thank you!

When I hear the words logos and branding it gives me a headache.  I know they are both important but I had no idea where to start.  

One call to Erin and my headache was gone. She asked me great questions about my business and my vision for the future and listened to me, really understood  me. I could not be happier with my Sugar Free Shawn Show logos, the look and feel are perfect for me.  The new logo has given me a great reboot to my business and for the first time I am proud to share my logo and website with others. Thanks for sharing your gift with me Erin!


Erin brilliantly clarified what I envisioned in my mind and turned it into a reality.

Over the years I’ve worked with numerous designers and branding experts who just didn’t “get it”. Erin brilliantly clarified what I envisioned in my mind and turned it into a reality. She knows what it takes to design beautiful and meaningful elements that actually work! Now you must stand out and be remarkable in order to survive and thrive, your brand is essential to your business success. You cannot afford to be bland and boring or to send the wrong message to your potential clients. Erin’s Profitable Brand Strategy Intensive, along with her unique mentoring and one-on-one brand strategy + design services, is one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my business. Thank you, Erin!

Laura Cross, Expert Entrepreneur, LLC


Erin Ferree is my hero. 

I hired another vendor to create an ibook and waited for 2 months only to find that vendor had no idea what to do and created a huge mess.  Erin stepped in, created a gorgeous ibook which exceeded my wildest dreams, and got it launched in just a couple of weeks.  Don’t make my mistake- hire Erin right away!

Lynne Klippel, Business Building Books


You came up with a perfect logo option for where I am now.

I had languished far too long on what type of logo would represent this stage of my business.   I was honestly surprised at how quickly you came up several logo options that creatively represented the real spirit of my business.  The only challenge was that it was difficult to choose.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Ruby Mayeda, The Passionate Edge


Her insight was valuable in helping me structure how I presented my services.

I first contracted Erin to help me with understand my brand style. She has also helped me with a logo design for a new brand. She very quickly understood what I was looking to achieve, and I’m receiving rave reviews for the work she did for me. Thanks, Erin!!”

Carrie Sharpshair, Strategic Success Mentor,

Working with Erin was a true gift.  She is a talented branding expert and through her work I was able to gain new clarity about my brand and who I serve. 

She taught me to look at the big picture of my business and how I was communicating with my clients, which were areas I had been neglecting.  I feel more confident in how I communicate and have a greater sense of continuity about my business and brand.   Erin’s work goes far beyond what I thought of as branding.  She guided me and provided wonderful support so I was ready and prepared with everything I needed to launch my next program.  It was real business planning and preparedness that made sure my program and communications were clear and included all the branded components necessary for success!

Joanna Goodwin, Self Care & Lifestyle Mentor,

I need to give some SERIOUS love to Erin Ferree for making my words come alive with her beautiful and brilliant artistry with images and fonts!

She, in a matter of HOURS created my Sacred-Self, Impact, and Influence Mastermind Registration Package. I cried. AND she set it up so that it is in a Word file so I can keep tweaking the copy as I grow. Erin, you are brilliant at what you do and you are sooooooooooooo generous! Thanks for helping me put my best foot forward when I needed to go in confident and proud. Thank you for your grace with my nerves and for helping me to shine. You were angel when I needed one. Thank you so very very much. If you need someone who is kind, makes you look REALLY good, and who can quickly customize a solution that works for your special needs AND stays in budget, I highly recommend Erin Ferree!

Dr. Venus Reese

Having a brand and an image that speaks for itself makes my “job” in selling who I am and what I do so much easier.

I had a very strong intuitive hit that you were THE person who would be able to capture the essence that was missing and very much needed for me and my business. The brand clarity discovery process was journey that opened me up to many new possibilities and ways of presenting myself. You asked the right questions to get me thinking in ways that I need to support the creation of my brand, and you are so open and confident with what you do that I know the final product will brilliant – and it is! You have the ability to touch a person’s business soul and make it come alive. I feel so much stronger with my presence. Having a brand and an image that speaks for itself makes my “job” in selling who I am and what I do so much easier. I am excited to present my cards and have people look at my website, and that alone is priceless.

Kristin Ecklund, Spiritual Healer and Channel

Erin’s strategic brand designs for my company, products and programs have made my company hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

I have worked with Erin for over a decade as my brand designer. She is truly THE most talented and strategic brand designer for entrepreneurs and small businesses that I have ever met.

Kelly O’Neil, Kelly O’Neil International, The Ignite Program and Marketing to Millionaires

This woman is a genius! Not only does she have design skills, but she grasps the essence of your business and tells you more than you knew about it within 10 minutes!

Talk about instant brand clarity and full service! Not only did my investment in her pay off, it will change the trajectory of my business.

Gina Hiatt, Finish Agent

I’m now building a brand based on my biggest desires for my future, and it feels very empowering.

For 2 years, I had been using a pre-made website from the school where I trained in nutrition. I modified it with pictures and video, but I still didn’t feel that it represented my company or the message that I wanted to convey. The shyness I felt around this website and my older branding was also keeping me from reaching out to collaborate with the big people in my industry. It was a sign that things needed to change. When I signed up to receive weekly tips from Erin, I downloaded the recording of a call she did about branding. As I listened to it, I knew that my brand was outdated, especially since I had personally grown so much in the past year. I had also just chosen a name for my company, but hadn’t yet molded my company to the name. Her call inspired me to completely revamp my website that weekend, and to write out the new ways that I would begin to speak about my company. I’m now building a brand based on my biggest desires for my future, and it feels very empowering. As I’ve lined up with my passions, the people around me have been mirroring my confidence and providing compliments and encouragement. I’m finally jumping into what feels right and now I feel proud to shout my message out to the world.

Ava Waits, Nutrition Mentor

She was quickly able to translate my general ideas into a logo that captured the essence of what I had verbalized.

Starting a new business has been fraught with a lot of challenges. Because I am not an artistic person, one of those challenges was clearly to design a logo and then use that logo on my business cards, envelopes, letterhead and PowerPoint presentations. Erin made that challenge easy to overcome. She was quickly able to translate my general ideas into a logo that captured the essence of what I had verbalized. She then applied that logo to distinctive business cards, envelopes and letterhead. She also produced PowerPoint templates that tastefully incorporate the logo. All-in-all she did a splendid job of translating my verbal requirements into an effective and artistic set of business tools.

Randy Groover, Seascape Financial Group

The thing I LOVE about working with Erin is how FAST she “gets” the concepts we need, and how she ties everything together.

Before I found Erin, I thought a logo was just a picture and some words, so I tried some of the online logo package deals at other companies and I was seriously disappointed: they were just order takers. Then I began to search for the “real deal”: someone who could come to appreciate my business for who we are, why we’re unique and what we stand for, then capture it and render it on the printed page. The thing I LOVE about working with Erin is how FAST she “gets” the concepts we need, and how she ties everything together. Our logo compliments our letterhead, which ties in with the business cards, which look great with the thank you notes, and it all lines up well with the website. Everything was custom, made-to-order and there is nothing cookie-cutter about her work. When you want more than “just a logo”—that is, when your business is ready for the next level of having a real, living identity—you’ll be very glad you went with Erin.

Ben Utley, Physician Family Financial Advisors

The final product reflects my style and the future direction of my company.

I wanted to send you a note to say “thanks” for everything. I am very happy with the work you did on my brand design. The final product reflects my style and the future direction of my company. You made the process so easy and really listened to my thoughts and ideas. The workbook you developed is a great tool for helping your customers clarify their vision and style and getting them to think about how they want to portray their business. I would also like to thank you for your expert advice regarding what works best in graphic design.

Tracy, Fantasia Blooms

I tell everyone I can that you designed my logo for my new business.

I never could have come up with something as creative and multi-faceted as you did, and really appreciated the way you asked a tremendous number of questions in order to understand who I am, what I do, who my target market is and how I want my business to be present in the world.

Evelyn Kalinosky

Simply put, she nailed it.

I hired Erin to design a logo for my copywriting agency. Simply put, she nailed it. She knew and understood my target market based on an initial consultation, and then she created a logo that spoke directly to them and their needs, while conveying exactly what my agency is all about. And she kept me involved every step of the way, so I knew what to expect and was able to offer my input so there were no surprises.Her expertise on the subject of design is unmatched in my book. Her strategic and creative approach to everything she does puts her work at a much higher level than anything else I’ve seen. She does nothing by accident. And mark my word, she is as patient and accommodating as they come. In fact, I liked my logo so much that I immediately hired her to design my business card and a template for my sales kit and additional marketing materials. The results were incredible. My agency now has a recognizable logo and a visual identity that I can use on my website, brochures, and everywhere else I need to make an impact. If you’re searching for a brand strategist and expert graphic designer, save yourself the time and hassle of looking anywhere else. Just give Erin a call and let her take it from there. It will be the best decision you make all year.

Cory Fossum Fossum Creative

Erin is a an expert at designing sites that define who and what your business is about.

She’s able to articulate your message and translate it into a different language – web design – and does so in a timely, creative and cost-effective manner. Erin is patient and knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my newbie questions. She is extremely efficient and responsive, returning emails and phone calls quickly; and she was able to develop a logo and provide a finished product – even when I was unable to clearly convey my needs and wants.

Stacey Vulakh